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Dinesh Mirchandani - A Profile

Dinesh Mirchandani comes from a family of gifted singers. He started singing at the age of 6, performing stage and private music shows. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Dinesh has won several national music awards in India.

His first TV performance in Bombay was at the age of 15, when he sang traditional Indian folk music. Since then, he has performed several times on Bombay Doordarshan and National Network Television in India. He has performed on stage with great playback singers like Mahendra Kapoor, Sudha Malhotra and Rajkumari.

Dinesh acquired his initial training in Hindustani Classical music from Pt. Govindprasad Jaipurwale in Bombay. With Panditji, he trained in ragas and taals and vocal enhancements. Next, under the guidance of Shri C. Laxmichand, Dinesh learned traditional folk Sufi kalams, Sindhi Ladas, Ghazals and Bhajans. He has enthralled his audiences by singing pop music, ghazals, film music, bhajans and folk music in Hindi and Sindhi.

Dinesh now lives in the US and has continued to pursue his passion of music. Over the last decade, he has performed several shows in the US, including one at the State House in Rhode Island. He recently performed for the Tsunami Concert in New Jersey, where the audience could not resist joining him up on the stage and dancing to his foot-tapping numbers. Some of his recognitions have been the Logixzone USA Bollywood Talent King Award and the EBC Radio Music King Award on August 29th, 2003.

Dinesh truly believes that the art of singing can be acquired, but the thirst for learning music must come from the soul. He continues to perform shows nationally, including one recently in Las Vegas for the Sindhi Sammelan. It was here where he got the inspiration for his debut Sindhi album. His audience wanted to hear more Ladas and Sufi Kalams from him, and he promised them that he would oblige someway, someday. Damadum Mast Qalandar is a fulfillment of that promise.

The Album : “ Dumadum Mast Qalandar ”

This album is a re-creation of Traditional Sindhi Marriage Songs in a more non-traditional manner. The songs have a fusion of traditional folk instruments combined with trendy beats of today! The result is something unique, something that will appeal to the newer and the older generation of Sindhis alike, globally.

You’ve danced to Bhangra; now get ready to dance to the beats of Sindhi Ladas in a whole new way. Renowned musicians from the Bollywood Music industry have contributed to the creation of this foot tapping album. This set of eight songs is a must not only for any Sindhi wedding party but for any dance occasion. But more importantly, it gives all Sindhis a means to once again enjoy a revival of music from their very own homeland, Sindh.

The Album : “ Yeh Kya Hone Laga ”

Dinesh’s latest creation in his musical portfolio is a compilation of 8 very different Hindi songs in one Album. This album includes soft romantic songs, a remix style dance track, Bhangra, Middle Eastern groove music and even a Latin style music track! This is sure to appeal to music lovers of all ages! This album is soon to be released.

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